Hi I´m Viviana!

I define myself as a restless, unstoppable and rebellious soul. Motivated by creativity, the emotional world and the promise of “personal success”, I studied fashion in London to discover that beyond my personal image and social standards, my true success had more to do with breaking down the beliefs and barriers that I had been prevented from being happy for so long.

This is how I make a radical turn in my life and decide to travel the world in search of my inner freedom studying with the best spiritual leaders; including Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Jean Houston, Deepak Chopra. Training as a coach, specializing in Ontology, NLP and Holistic Therapies.

What I do?

I share my vision and the path I traveled to release my
fears, redefine my beliefs, achieve self-acceptance and
self love through talks, workshops and private sessions
with the illusion of spreading throughout the world “a rain of love
own self”.

We have to understand that happiness is a feeling
occasional, but inner peace and personal satisfaction are
can achieve as permanent states. That is the
true search for life and what we all want to reach.

How I do it?

Simple, like a child’s game; I use the tools
that I acquired during my professional training and
I mix my own life experience. These tools
they allowed me to change my life, challenge the paradigms
that limited me, face each circumstance with
more love, tolerance, authenticity and optimism.
Today I challenge those beliefs and define my life (success,
love and happiness) on my own terms, motivating
those who feel identified with me to free themselves
and can write their own story.

Why I´m doing it?

Because if you are well everything around you changes, if you have a good relationship with yourself, if YOU accept a
little more you will be more tolerant with your environment, you will stop taking things personal, you will dare to go beyond your
comfort zone and DO IT WITH FEAR.

This is not one of those commercials that tell you ‘If I can, you can too, and it’s very easy’. It is a long road that forces you to
detach yourself from your beliefs and know and accept yourself as you are. We can all achieve it if we are
willing to face our fears.



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My Formation

Certificación en Coaching Oncológico
Lima, Perú

Meditación, Mindfulness y Psicología Budista
Kathmandu, Nepal

Certificado de Meditación Osho
Pune, India

Certificado de "Bars"
Bali, Indonesia

Cursos de Meditación
California, USA

Certificación en Coaching Oncológico
Lima, Perú

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