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The talks are an experience of clarity, empowerment and inspiration.

They are custom designed for each client to awaken the awareness and motivation of their collaborators, creating a safe and conducive environment for personal growth and work harmony.

The talks include topics such as emotional intelligence, personal growth, development of soft skills, teamwork, the importance of open communication, self love, facing and going beyond our fears, the power of the observer and how it creates our reality, interpersonal relationships, among others.


In the workshops you will be able to find tools that will help you rethink your way of seeing life and, therefore, change your world.

As you move forward, you will be able to make the necessary changes in your life that will allow you to live more peacefully and enjoy every moment.


We have grown up with programming that comes from society and the things we learned in our childhood. With ontological coaching you will be able to observe those patterns and habits that limit your growth.
We want to make others happy and we continue with these expectations, instead of doing what we really want to do.

These private sessions will allow you to develop your emotional intelligence and manage negative emotions in a more conscious way. As a result, you will be able to accept yourself as you are.
They are one-on-one sessions in conversation format, which allow us to understand ourselves and take responsibility for how we want to live our lives.
We face our inner critic, the social conditioning and beliefs that limit us.
By broadening our perspective, revising our ways of thinking, we discover how our points of view have been created and how we react to things that happen to us.


En los talleres vas a poder encontrar herramientas que te van a ayudar a replantear tu manera de ver la vida y, por ende, cambiar tu mundo.
Mientras vas avanzando, vas a poder realizar los cambios necesarios en tu vida que te van a permitir vivir con mayor tranquilidad y disfrutando cada momento.

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