Social Responsability

Once you start loving yourself you can share this self-acceptance and
compassion with others. That is why for some years I have been
involved in some projects of social projection.

Earring Toy

It is dedicated to the management of solidarity projects aimed at various communities nationwide.
Educational programs in schools in vulnerable areas. Volunteering in hospitals and shelters and much more.

Huascaran Mission

A non-profit association focused on transforming the lives of the neediest people in rural areas of Peru.
The project began in the foothills of the Huascarán – Áncash mountain, and focuses on improving the quality of life
of thousands of people in education, health, economy and housing.

Cute Momy

Promote well-being and mental health in people with limited resources through coaching, meditation and personal development workshops,
as well as building a community of volunteers and organizing trips.

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